Youtube seo optimization

Want to find out how people rank videos in Google and get the top spots?

It's more common sence than technical skills indeed but below is a guide that will help you rank even if you are a beginner SEO, an advanced one or someone who has no idea what Seo is!

Plus, if you are willing to spent a few dollars, I will give some links in all the trusted services I've found, in order to make your life easier,

So let's begin with rule no1:


There are many ways to make a video great.

Video editing, music background, speech, sound design etc. The whole collaboration of everything is what actually makes it great! So before you promote a video ask your self:

  • What kind of video am I trying to promote?
  • Is this really able to bring me sales?
  • What will people think when they see it?
  • Do my competitors have a better video?

Talk a bit with your self,analyze everything and afterwards do the following:


When it comes to youtube video optimization and seo many people just stay in the description and the title. At the same time they hope they will achieve something better in search results.

 This can be nothing but FALSE.

There are numerous ways to optimize  a youtube video effectively and keep in mind that this may begin even before the upload.

E.q How many video marketers actually care for their metada in the video export?

I am sure that the 95% of em does not.


Do you research keywords correctly?

Google searches think like  "Show me the big picture" and Youtube is no different than that!

Don't ever think that putting 200 relevant keywords will make your video RANK!

It's more important to put the keywords in your tags,in a way I like to call  "zoom out to greater"

Meaning, from the very specific keyword I go to a broader term, a broader term and a broader term.

So I help the big G to make the picture of what my video is and share it accordingly!


Did you know that Youtube gives extra love in videos that are streamed live?

 This happens because big G loves to see how something is growing after it's "birth" so if you have no idea about Wirecast is time to give it a better look!

Once your video is streamed live you can continue to the OFF-PAGE SEO of your Youtube video!

seo for videos on youtube

Take this into consideration only after you have complete the previous steps.

SEO is something difficult and risky so if you don't know what you are doing let a PRO do this for you!

PBN Embed.

Find a PBN that actually has a strong authority and is relevant to your video's niche! It's much more important to notice the relevance of the website than the Authority of the website but Jesus I don't mean to embed it in a spammy no indexed website.

PBN embed will give your video a strong quality back link which will help you rank higher no matter what. Again if you don't know what you are doing but you wanna do it take a look here.


Web 2.0's are a great way to show a signal to Google that your video is going higher. Be careful in what blog spots your video is shared and take a time to ask your self "If I was my video would I want to live in that place?" if the answer is Yes, then go ahead and try this web 2.0, if the answer is no then forget it and go on.

Again if you have no idea what a web 2.0 is just try to avoid this part of this guide. SEO is not an easy thing to learn and of course is not an easy thing to do. Again, leave it to professionals.


There are numerous ways to get them but for this part I would suggest to just try the Face book $5 per day advertising. When you run your campaign for one day you will have a clear picture if your video is good or not and you can see if you can add it more value. Of course don't forget to promote it in other social media also and in twitter for example see if you can have some re tweets or favorites. That way your video will be ranked higher from real traffic and views will go up at the same time.


If you are taking your video personal then you know that you need some user interaction even tho I don't support fake interaction I think that if you manage some ways to hop up some comments below your video will be a great help. Beyond that, don't forget to share it with your friends and ask them to share it with their own friends and just let it evolve.

Be good and see you in the platform!,


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