How to make $100 a day with SEO

Fellow dude, wasap!

I am here to help you realise how affiliate marketing works
and how you can make the best of it through SEO,
but before that let me introduce my self,

Hi, I am Alan

In the past years I managed to make a seo agency that actually generated more than $5k per month (after 8 months in just by answering in relevant q&a platforms and forums.

I had a gig that was offering Q&A answers and forums and all of a sudden a company came in and said " Hey, we need around 1000 q&a and 1000 forum posts per month can you do it?"


It was nice as it was the first time someone hired me to do a big job but now I am glad it has ended.
It was so much confusing and after a bit it was no fun at all

( I actually hired someone else to do this for me and I was just reselling, by the way, if you want to make some online cash fast try to buy something from here and resell it here, people do usually buy services for fun)

After that I tried to make my SEO reputation outhere so I was talking to clients and people that were interested in getting the top spots in Google.

Lucky enough I had a big list of clients so it was kinda easy for me to move forward.

Now, I am going to share you some SEO techigues I use in order to rank better and better over time, keep in mind that making a passive income without work is nonsense, you will need both work and money in order to achieve something online.

The problem is how much you will need?

For now, I am going to show you the exact steps I use so I can rank my SEO site CHEAPLY to the top of search engines, not only Google, but also Yahoo and Bing.

First you need a webiste!!

There are many platforms to create a website for free,
like wordpress,
so what you really need to care about is cheap and reliable hosting


(Every title is a link to a service, where you can get SEO cheaply done. Next to the title is a small description of what and why you need it, make sure you write down these steps so you can do this)

ON-PAGE-OPTIMIZATION  It's the first signal in Google. Optimize your webpage correctly with the appropriate keywords and take a first position in the keywords race.


SOCIAL SIGNALS it's the part that will show to Google that people love what you do and they share it and like and love it. It's a huge trust factor with long life in front of it!

In advance,

LINKS FROM PBN's PBN stands for Private Blog Network but over the years it has evolved in what we call PAS (Private Authority Site) What this is? Simply it's a site that is much more greater than yours and it will throw a backlink to your site so Google actually makes the picture that your site deserves to rank higher! You can do an internet research and see what a PBN is, but for this guide I stop it here

YOUTUBE SEO As you know Youtube is the second bigger search engine in the internet with huge traffic so if you are trying to rank a website without any video or video embeds you are out of the competition already.

and last but not least

PRESS RELEASES Imagine having sites like Google News,FOX and stuff like that talking about your page. Press releases are a great way to rank a website nearly in 48 hours in Google first page.

Again, if you don't know how to make a website drop me a message
but if you are looking for a ready-made-website that generates earnings take a look here 

That's all for now,
Hope I've helped you enough to make some cash online

Again I am here for everything you need!

Just drop me a message and BOOM!

Here I am ;)

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